for dinner-groups superior of 15 persons we offer special conditions

two options are available:


10% discount on your overall bill


austrian tidbits / vegetarian tidbits

(one set for every 2 persons served with bread)

Austrian smoked ham, Emmental cheese and a creamy cheese spread with chives


Emmental cheese, “Liptauer” (typical Austrian cheese spread with paprika and Austrian cumin)

main course “à la carte”

per person: 14.00

drinks and other components are billed separately

additional options:

soup of the day + 2.00

dessert + 2.00

(apfelstrudel ou sachertorte)

drinks included + 8.00

house wine red and white, draft beers (Kozel/Paulaner), water, sodas, espresso

­ general conditions & useful informations

group conditions are available for dinner-groups superior of 15 persons

we appreciate the number of your guests in advance to guarantee excellent service

if you opt for soup of the day and/or dessert you have to inform us in advance (flat rate menu)

due to organizational reasons we only emit a global invoice of the group-dinner

we are at your disposal to elaborate a special menu for your dinner

we offer a range of homemade cakes you can order for your birthday, if you opt to bring your own cake we will charge 50ct. per person for plates and cutlery

any suggestion or question please contact 210 956 828 or 915 158 335